Youtube Eliminates the Negative Critics of Captain Marvel in the Trending List

The presence of Captain Marvel does not seem to make fans happy, they even threaten to boycott this latest film with a lot of sharp criticism and Trolling. This also applies to Brie Larson, the main actress who also received a sharp response. Well, usually they vent it through YouTube, where we can see it a few days ago.

It’s just that, YouTube doesn’t seem to want to look back at these criticisms (or whether someone requests) on this very popular sharing video. So, only with a small change, YouTube made all the criticisms and solicitation of the film disappear entirely from the top search list.

According to The Verge, YouTube re-categorizes the keywords “Brie Larson” and related things, such as “Captain Marvel” as a search term that is appropriate for the news. In essence, they make a search algorithm that displays videos from authoritative sources on a subject. Instead of looking for videos from each maker, YouTube responded with videos from Entertainment Tonight, ABC, CBS, CNN, and other news outlets first.

This is what gets criticism from various parties, where the developer is accused of preferring video conspiracy rather than the actual news. When on the one hand it might provide a positive side for some circles, but they don’t seem to care too much about the real search results, which can be more actual than what the film offers by fans or critics.

It’s just that, YouTube has its own reasons, where they ensure that when people use YouTube as a way to search for news about a topic, companies rely more on the first official sources that are more “trusted”. Although it sounds very convincing, some people don’t seem to agree with what the big company is offering.

For example, some content creators see it as a problem if YouTube prefers videos from approved news outlets rather than individuals. On Twitter, some critics and creators call it the censorship side of YouTube, while others praise the site for taking action. YouTube has millions of Creators on platforms that struggle to make their videos seen; it’s just that, if traditional news outlets are favored, it will certainly provide a number of negative views and unfair feelings from the community. What do you think?


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